One year anniversary

I thought I would write a quick note as its been one year since Marty and I had our experience in Palestine.  What a great experience there for both of us and I hope we helped the Palestinians and our friends there are well. I reread our blogs and really not too bad for amateurs and relived parts, and I would like to go back to both Palestine and Malawi.  (see my Malawi blog)    I am in Eau Claire where I now do work as a vascular and general surgeon for a great group called Evergreen Surgical at Sacred Heart very reminisenct of Binder, Alden, Mattingly, and Asplund before SA changed.   I learned it is very hard to get surgery out of my system and truly retire because I have spent so much of my life getting as good as I can possibly be at it and I truly enjoy it.  I also learned it is so deeply ingrained in me I can be away from surgery for a year and do a 2 1/2 hour fem to peroneal bypass with vein that looks perfect and will last.  In any event I doubt we have any readers left.  If I make it back to Palestine or Malawi I will put out a notice and start up my blog again.  In the meantime hope all is well.

3 thoughts on “One year anniversary

    1. Hi Eddie. Thank you for the thought. I appreciate all feedback as it is rewarding but at times difficult. I dont go on this site much but am making plans to return, also to Malawi since i cant play bball or golf ive found i still enjoy surgery so am at sacred heart in eau claire for a year. If you still play old mans bball let me know, id be pathetic but i could pass to you.


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