Transition Day 6

Today we have two surgeries at Rafidi hospital in Nablus which is our last here.  We will then go to Gaza City across a couple of checkpoints into the most unstable part of Palestine.  We hope to stop in Jerusalem.  We hope to have enough time to shop to bring back some fine olive oil, Arabic coffee, and famous Nablus sweets.


Please feel free to give us feedback as we are amateur writes of questions to be answered than interest you.


Boy did Spieth blow the masters.



7 thoughts on “Transition Day 6

  1. I think you need to have a picnic when you get back and highlight all your amazing experiences….and let us taste test some of those amazing finds!! Travel safe, and may your journey home be uneventful and smooth!!


  2. Looks like My first response has disappeared. I’ll try again.
    Mark your blogs are very intriguing, well written and compelling. Keep them coming as we are all enjoying being included in yours and Martys experiences while working for PCRF in Nablus.
    Marty please add your thoughts too as a your perspective would be awesome to hear too. Take care my son and husband. Be well!


  3. It has been interesting reading about your adventures. Keep writing about anything you experience. Why doesn’t Marty write more? Just thought I should say that. Very awesome adventure, be safe.


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